Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Vacation

Monday I went to the Bay Area to see BJ and finished quilting a baby quilt and delivered it too.. Tuesday I sewed all day (see last blog entry) and went to a friend’s for dinner. Rob got a big surprise a Koa wood G-5 Thompson guitar. (I also have trouble phrasing my Starbucks order without leaving something out)  Wednesday I went to the Dr. and sewed a “sock” for the Plantar-Fasciitis. And I sewed all the snowball blocks for Cameron’s Christmas quilt. Thursday I gave the feet a break and cut out squares to go in the quilt.. Friday I got flannel for $1.49 a yard for backing (I used what I had for the alternating squares of the top). And more for a flannel baby blanket for a little one born on Good Friday! And I messed up my office. Saturday I got  Rob breakfast and made a sandwich for him to take on a hike. I went garage “sailing” and worked in the garage. Took stuff to Goodwill. Found treasures of course. Then watched Leilani while working in the garage til 9:30. Oh, I made spaghetti for dinner,  and went to walmart for something Rob needed. Sunday flew by. Oh, I can hardly wait til May 25th. And the baby who should arrive by then too.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More than Ideas

So, I actually did something yesterday. I finished Leilani’s bunny dress, made two ironing board covers, made an ”inside out” flannel baby blanket, and made Cameron’s “Cars” pillow case that I have been promising him. I did do a few loads of wash too.

Today, however I should get recycle ready to go, deposit Kat’s check in the bank, mail a package to mom with the yarn for the new baby’s blanket and her ironing board cover and call the Dr. to make an appointment to find out what’s wrong with me! I don’t want to check my email but maybe I should. Ok, here I go! Ad silly me I didn’t take any pictures, maybe later.